3 Easy, Summer Top Knot Variations!

Hi Loves!

My latest tutorial is featuring my all time FAVORITE summer hairstyle….at least for this year. 😉 I seriously rock the top knot so often in the summer because it keeps the hair out of my face, but it still looks like a complete mermaid (it’s no secret I love long mermaidy hair). I love adding in my Luxy hair extensions because they go perfect with this style and really give it the long care-free boho look. You can even do the top knot without a mirror on the beach, boat, pool deck, or anywhere else! Below is a step-by-step guide for how I got this summer look!:

STEP 1) Using your pointer fingers, start below your eyebrows and move your fingers to the back of your head, gathering a section of hair (similar to half up half down but leave more hair down). You can use a brush to create a messy or smoother look. Secure this section of hair with a clear elastic and make sure it is sitting on top of your head. 


STEP 2) Twist your pony away from your face. Use one hand to secure the base on your hair bun, while your other hand twists the hair around to form the bun. 


STEP 3) Once all the hair is twisted, secure it with a clear elastic band. Now, use your bobby pins to pin the hair into the exact place you want it. Bobby pins MAKE OR BREAK this hairstyle. With the help of bobbies, you can make the bun as big or little as you desire, as well as position the top knot exactly where you want it. 



IF YOU’RE USING LUXY HAIR EXTENSIONS: Part your hair at the nape of the neck or about mid ear and clip the top section away. Next, clip in your Luxy hair extensions (repeat sectioning off thin layers and adding in more wefts) . Click here to see the official “How To Clip In Luxy Hair Extensions”. You can obviously do this hair without extensions – and I do all the time!



LASTLY: Make sure to use some sort of texture spray. I suggest EVA NYC SURFS UP! Texture SprayIt smells heavenly and instantly makes my hair so voluminous and texturized. Or you can always straighten or curl your bottom hair to make this hairstyle more glamorous!


Here’s the final look:


BONUS: At Step 2, instead of twisting your hair, you can either braid it or do a fishtail/reverse fishtail for a fun top knot variation. Make sure to use your bobby pins to spread out the braid and secure the hair exactly where you want it. 




That’s the top bun look! Easy, fun, and perfect for mermaiding this summer. Click here to watch the full youtube tutorial, which happens to be my first hair tutorial I used my luxies in! 

xox Noella