1991 – Crop Top for us 90’s Babies


Hi Friends!

Yesterday, while grabbing some last minute additions for my #goldigiveaway coming up (yes, I just told you there’s a new giveaway being announced soon!!!), I stumbled upon this 1991 Graphic Mock Neck Top from Forever 21. To be honest I didn’t try it on in the store because it was only $9.90 and I wasn’t supposed to be shopping for myself – funny how I always manage to sneak a little treat in there for me, even if it’s just  a pack of rubber bands, I just can’t help myself. 😉  When I finally tried it on at home, I was even more obsessed with this crop top. I love the higher neck with the cut off sleeves in the back. Pair it with a sweater and you can wear this right into fall!

I should also mention that not only am I a 90’s baby, but I was born in 1991 (that means I’m 25 for any of you still trying to do the math)! So when I walked into Forever 21 and this was the first thing I saw I just couldnt resist, it’s like it was calling my name. Online this top is sold in a red color….now I want that one too! 

Click here for the direct link to the top. Sunglasses: Forever 21 Hair: Side Dutch braid into a bun/#hairbygll

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Noella Van de Voorde


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